Methods & Compliance


We care about the amenity of your neighbourhood. Demolition can be a dirty and noisy business, but we always do our best to minimise it’s impact on your neighbourhood.

This includes:

  • Operating only within the days and times permitted by your local authority.
  • Protection of neighbouring properties, driveways, footpath, etc.
  • Strict health and safety practices in and around the site.
  • Avoiding disruption to local traffic.
  • Clean-up, leaving your street in the same condition we found it.
  • Professional, courteous behaviour.


We are fully Licensed, fully Qualified and fully Insured. Performing all work to Australian Standard 2601–2001 for the demolition of structures, the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Commission code of practice for demolition, and other applicable codes and guidelines.



We care about the environment. Carefully separating demolition materials to maximise the amount of recycling and minimise landfill.

The amount of demolition waste that can be recycled varies from job to job. We can provide a written estimate of materials recycling from your project should it be required.

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